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First Wednesday Worship is THIS Wednesday @ 6:30! Nursery is provided for 0 - 4, but older children will worship with their parents.

• Next Sunday (April 10) we’ll have Baptism immediately following the service. If you need to be baptized, please complete THIS FORM. Everyone being baptized will need to meet with Pastor David next Sunday morning @ 9:45 in his office (South Bldg). Please be sure to bring a towel and change of clothes!

Worship & Communion on Good Friday, April 15 @ 6:30.

• It’s not too late to sign up or contribute for the CPC Life Walk that will be held on Saturday, May 7. The goal is for HFC to have 10 families/individuals raise $250 each. You can sign up HERE, just be sure to choose the Hope Fellowship Team with the Blacksher Family as the church liaison.

• We are looking for 3 – 5 men AND women that are interested in ministering at the Rankin County Jail. Contact Tommy Symon (601-955-8226) if you’d like to be a part of the Jail Ministry.

• If you’ve not taken advantage of the Chat part of our app, you’re missing out! This is a great tool for quickly getting info or messages out to our body - good for prayer requests, praise reports, etc. Just tap on the Chat tab on the  page, then tap Discover and all public groups are located there for you to join. (You’ll need to create an account before you can join a group.)

• If you’re not receiving Push Notifications from our app, it’s a simple thing to fix! After downloading the app, just click on  in the upper left corner of the app & tap on Settings, then choose the Notification Groups you want to receive from. Everyone should have General selected and then any other notification group you choose. If you need help, just see Jo!
March 27 Attendance & Giving
Attendance, 117
Weekly Average, 95
Budget Giving, $7,970
Budget, $10,000
Weekly Average, $9,268
Pledged, $102,789
Received to Date, $58,366