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The Greek word Sozo appears 110 times in the New Testament and means to be “saved, healed, and delivered”.
She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because He will SAVE (Sozo) His people from their sins.”   Matthew 1:21 (NIV).

We believe that the complete healing of spirt, soul and body (Sozo) is the inheritance of every believer, and is to be pursued so that we can walk in the freedom that Christ paid for on the cross of Calvary.

Our Ministry Approach

  1. Get to the root of issues hindering you from your connection with God and others.
  2. Heal painful/traumatic wounds and memories.
  3. Experience the life of freedom and wholeness that God has for you.

Yes, this is a Deliverance Ministry

We believe that deliverance 1) should be gentle and 2) can’t be separated from inner-healing.
When wounds, lies, and traumatic memories are healed and God’s love is freshly experienced, the enemy’s access point to you is closed. Deliverance is a natural byproduct of this healing process and helps you maintain your newfound freedom. 

Before Your Session:

Before a ministry session is scheduled, we ask that you prepare yourself by reading the book When Pigs Move In by Don Dickerman.  You can order the book HERE.

What to Expect From A Ministry Session:

There will be 2-3 prayer team members in the room praying for you and guiding you through the process.  As the Holy Spirit leads the session, you’ll be introduced to:
  • Lies you’re believing
  • Wounds that need healing
  • People to forgive
  • Unhealthy relational and/or generational ties
  • Sins to renounce
You’ll come away with a fresh revelation of God’s love and truth!